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sulfur solutions

sulfur special pacakge

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the finest sulfur ointment
old fashioned recipe
Made in the U.S.A.

sulphur soap sulfur Sulphur ointment
sulphur lotion Best price and quality
sulphur soap sulfur  pure sulfur
sulphur soap sulfur Soothing skin moisturizer

sulphur soap sulfur Larger 5 gallon buckets now also available
sulphur soap sulfur Made in the U.S.A.
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Important Information

Uses: Soothing moisturizer and conditioner. Apply as with any cosmetic moisturizer, or as directed by your doctor.

Product Description:

New release from Braunfels Labs, having undergone continual improvement during the early stages of product release. --- In plain English, we use the very highest premium ingredients and processes during preparation of the ointment 'n cream. This is NOT a cheap petroleum based PEG product. We use zero PEG! So just the opposite, we have natural premium ingredients, and based on a high percentage of feedback from loyal customers, the marketplace appreciates natural ingredients. ---Braunfels Labs Sulfur Butter™ Cream 'n Ointment is made with the highest grade ingredients available in the world, and manufactured in the USA under strict laboratory standards. Isn't it about time to get a premium product at a great price? When purchasing sulfur ointments , creams and lotions in the marketplace, make sure to read the ingredients and understand what you're actually purchasing. --- Fact is that the price you pay is not always the good barometer anymore for what you get! --- Our Braunfels sulfur ointment creme is made with the highest quality ingredients. Pure organic shea butter, premium high grade sulfur, and other natural oils blended at just the right process temperatures, mix pace, and timing sequence to maintain the healthy, natural virtues of the ingredients to provide their holistic quality. Braunfels products are designed and carefully blended to provide that special 'ooh, ahhh' soothing feeling that you expect with quality cremes and lotions.

Looking to enhance shelf space left behind by other brands - Sulfur Solutions, etc? If you are a retailer or distributor, and would like wholesale pricing, please email us with your requirements. As an added value to you, yes, we do offer private label! Whether in lots of 1000 or 100,000, please let us know how we can help. It's the best!

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